Foreign Policy

Angry protestors denounce Bill and Hillary’s adventures in Haiti – Final Call

He called current Haitian president Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly a puppet of the United States, the United Nations, France, Canada, and other White nations determined to plunder and destroy Haiti.Demonstrators accused former Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton of installing the current Haitian president. During the crisis in Egypt in 2011, the wife of the former president went to Haiti to twist the arms of the electoral counsel and ensure Mr. Martelly would become president, they said. Mr. Martelly came in third during the first round of voting, said Mr. Andre.The Final Call made several calls to the Clinton Foundation for comment but none of the calls were returned.Wilner Kebreau, a spokesperson for the Haitian Consulate in New York, conceded during a telephone interview that some Haitians remain homeless and living in tents as a result of the earthquake that devastated Haiti. “There were 1.5 million people who were made homeless by that earthquake,” he said. “Today, an estimated 70,000 displaced people are still waiting for permanent housing. The others have been placed in brand new homes. There have been homes that were repaired in some cases and the government is building safe apartments for others in new communities. Mortgages and rents for the homes and apartments have been paid for one year in advance by this government,” Mr. Kebreau explained. via Final Call


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