Haiti continues to grapple with rebuilding, distrust of government | CCTV America

Haiti continues to face challenges as one of the poorest nations in the Americas. The country has struggled for years to overcome the reign of terror by dictators Francois Duvalier and his son, Jean Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier, and it’s still recovering from the devastating 2010 earthquake. Americas Now correspondent Gerry Hadden reports many Haitians still distrust the government.Just before the younger Duvalier died last month, he had returned to Haiti from years of exile and moved freely around the capital, Port-au-Prince. While some Haitians want to leave the past behind, others still want to see justice for the crimes committed under Duvalier’s reign.The current President Michel Martelly has also been ruling without a functioning parliament for more than a year because senators cannot come to an agreement on when and how to hold legislative elections. via | CCTV America


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