Case against Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier continues even after death | The Miami Herald

A Haiti investigative judge assigned to look into allegations of corruption and crimes against humanity by former President-for-Life Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier is continuing to pursue the case despite Duvalier’s death, a human-rights lawyer said Thursday.Clémence Bectarte, coordinator of the International Federation for Human Rights’ Litigation Action Group, told the Miami Herald that Judge Durin Duret is continuing to interview people and gather evidence. He is not only only looking at Duvalier, who suffered a heart attack in Port-au-Prince while eating cornflakes and milk this month, but others who worked for him during his 15-year-rule.“From the beginning, the complaints were not aimed exclusively at Jean-Claude Duvalier,” she said. “The judge has the legal possibility to indict any persons who committed these crimes under the Duvalier regime.” via | The Miami Herald


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