Caricom Visas: ‘Hell for Haiti Business’ | Trinidad Express Newspaper

“It is hell for Haitian businessmen to visit Caricom countries. But they can go to Latin American countries with open arms.” Visiting president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti Philippe Armand registered his angst while attending the VIII Americas Competitiveness Forum 2014 at Hyatt Regency Trinidad in Port of Spain last Thursday.Armand was part of a delegation which included Haitian President Michel Martelly.Earlier, Armand had attended the Competitiveness and Innovativeness Luncheon.Chairman of the Massy Group Robert Bermudez was the feature speaker on the theme “Collaboration as a strategy for the Massy Group-What does it Mean?”In an interview with the Business Express last Thursday, Armand said: “There has been an issue of the visa application denied. After 20 years, Haiti is the only country that has to apply for 20 separate visa applications for each country that we travel to. I had to go to Antigua. I had to stop off in America and pay US$175.The Haitian Professionals and the Haitian Business Community consider the Visitors Visa Immigration practices of Caricom to be discriminatory and absolutely uncalled for.” via | Trinidad Express Newspaper.

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