Hundreds attend Duvalier’s funeral in Haiti – Houston Chronicle

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of former dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier on Saturday, displaying lingering respect for a man who was widely reviled for repression and corruption during his 15 years in power.Mourners paused to pay their respects in front of Duvalier’s coffin draped with Haiti’s red-and-blue flag as they greeted his partner Veronique Roy, his ex-wife Michele Bennett and their two children.Members of Haiti’s elite and former officials of Duvalier’s regime arrived in luxury SUVs, joining more humble citizens in ill-fitting suits, and quickly filled the chapel on the grounds of the Saint-Louis de Gonzague school in the Delmas district of Port-au-Prince.Former President Boniface Alexandre attended as did some officials of President Michel Martelly’s administration, including one of his advisers, the chief of protocol for the National Palace and the delegate of Port-au-Prince. However, Damian Merlo, an adviser to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, said no one went in an official capacity for Lamothe or Martelly. Lamothe was out of the country, while Martelly was in Haiti, but did not attend the funeral. via – Houston Chronicle


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