Haiti search for Columbus’ Santa Maria to go on despite setback | Reuters

The Santa Maria was one of a fleet of three vessels that left Spain in 1492 to look for a shorter route to Asia. The ship is believed to have drifted onto a reef near Haiti on Christmas Day and had to be abandoned.A UNESCO mission of experts requested by the Haitian government concluded that bronze or copper hull fastenings found at the wreck site indicated shipbuilding techniques of the late 17th or 18th centuries, much later than the Santa Maria’s construction.”There is now incontestable proof that the wreck is from a much later period,” according to the report drafted by mission leader Xavier Nieto Prieto, UNESCO announced on Monday.Nieto Prieto, a former director of Spain’s National Museum of Underwater Archaeology and a leading expert on Spanish shipwrecks, visited the north coast of Haiti last month with Haitian officials. via | Reuters


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