Report Finds World’s Highest Rate 52% of Haitians are Undernourished – National Geographic

“In Haiti, as in many other parts of the world, food available on the market is often not sufficiently varied to meet people’s dietary needs,” says Grace Tillyard, a WFP officer in Haiti. “Economic and physical boundaries mean that people cannot afford or cannot physically access enough different types of food, and this can severely impact their health over time.”Because of the complexities of collecting data, not every country in the world is represented in the FAO report. In some of the places most in need—Burundi, for example, which topped the list in the FAO’s 2013 compilation—development agencies often find it hard to get food in and data out. This can be a result of civil unrest, natural disasters, or populations living in hard-to-reach rural areas.Even though the world has made progress overall, efforts to eliminate world undernourishment can come with diminishing returns. The more progress is made, the more challenging the remaining work becomes. It’s generally easier to help a country with farming innovations like new seeds and fertilizers. Yet distributing the remaining food involves other industries and often the trade policies of foreign governments. via National Geographic


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