Haiti’s Political Deadlock Leaves A Big Institutional Vacuum – SPY Ghana

In this context, she called for an immediate solution to be found on the basis of the rule of law, hailing the recent signs of willingness of the political the parties to renew an inclusive dialogue, and President Michel Martelly’s intention to engage in discussion with opposition groups and civil society.“While I welcome these various attempts at identifying a consensual solution, through dialogue, as soon as possible, I also wish to call on all actors concerned to ensure that the solution be on the basis of the Constitution and within a solid legal framework that allows for credible, inclusive, and transparent elections in support of a peaceful democratic transition in 2015,” she told the Council.Ms. Honoré went on to note that the overall security environment, including the five Departments vacated by MINUSTAH’s military component, has remained relatively stable, adding that only one-fifth of demonstrations are politically-motivated, while the causes of most of them are rooted in socio-economic problems, such as lack of access to education, electricity and water.Underlining the critical importance of guaranteeing the security and, in line with the implementation of the HNP Development Plan 2012-2016, she called for improvements in the operational capacity of the national police force.“Structural and technical challenges such as a weak administrative and internal oversight capacity, limited regional coverage and scarce institutional capacity in specialized fields, including prison management remain, and require a redoubling of efforts by both the Haitian Government and its international partners.” via SPY Ghana


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