Flawed Arrangement Turns Haitian Restaveks Into Slaves – Business Insider

Thousands of fans packed Haiti’s national soccer stadium in Port-au-Prince last week for a popular singing competition where all 11 contestants sang about the same thing — child slavery. The competition seeks to raise awareness of Haitian child slaves known as restaveks, reported NPR. The Creole word “restavek” roughly means “stay with” and refers to the estimated 200,000 to 220,000 slaves in Haiti, most of whom are children. The 2013 Global Slavery Index ranks Haiti number two in the world in prevalence of modern slavery by population, behind the African nation of Mauritania.Restavek is a deeply entrenched tradition that sends children from poor rural families to live with wealthier urban families, according to the Restavek Freedom Foundation. Poor parents may hope their children will be better cared for and educated in exchange for contributing to minor chores for the wealthy host family, like cooking and washing clothes.  via – Business Insider


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