Haiti in the wake of the ‘quake | The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright | CBC Radio

Haiti is at a crossroads. It has been more than four-and-a-half years since an earthquake hit the poverty-stricken country, destroying much of the country’s fragile infrastructure and buildings.

Death toll estimates ranged from 92,000 to as high as 316,000, with another 1.5 million people displaced from their homes and three million affected in some way.

The world, including Canada, pledged billions for reconstruction. Rebuilding projects began. Many were completed. But the international community brought a new set of problems, including a deadly cholera outbreak. And now, Haiti has been largely left on its own. Before the earthquake, it was the poorest country in the western hemisphere and that is what it remains. Elections later this fall will help determine the future direction of the country…if they happen at all. via | CBC Radio


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