The Jamaican link in Haitian prison break — Jamaica Gleaner

It was reported that a commando of 10 to 15 heavily armed men had pulled off a spectacular jailbreak at the Croix-des-Bouquets maximum-security prison, freeing 329 inmates, and wounding two guards. The police declared that the raid was an inside job, and launched an investigation.

Out of the 329 escapees, however, the Haitian government decided to first focus on the search for one fugitive by the name of Clifford Brandt Jr, as it was widely believed that the freeing of Brandt was the reason for the incursion.

The government offered one million Haitian gourdes for his capture.Who is Clifford Brandt Jr, who could have triggered such a brazen assault, and whom the Haitian government was so anxious to apprehend?The amazing story of O.J. Brandt.

It would be impossible to study the history of Haiti from 1920 to 1976 without discussing the power and wealth of Clifford Brandt’s great-grandfather, Oswald John Brandt, whose influence on the Haitian economy, and successive governments, is legendary. via – Jamaica Gleaner


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