Basic police work led to arrest of Haiti prison escapee, more remain at large – Haiti –

“They told me they saw three suspicious individuals,” he told the Miami Herald. “I asked them to describe them. They said, ‘One was light-skinned and the others were black.’ I told them to follow them to see where they are going. Finally, they reported back they were headed in the direction of the Dominican Republic.”Still unaware of who the men were, Marcellus warned another informant on the Dominican side to be on the look out, and to ask Dominican soldiers to detain the men.Brandt and his traveling companions were arrested by a Dominican Army patrol assigned to the Cacique Enriquillo post around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. But it would be hours before they or even Marcellus realized exactly who it was they had in custody.Arriving at the border post with a justice of the peace, two other police officers and the prisoner he had picked up that morning, Marcellus got out of his vehicle, stepped into the holding cell and asked the men to identify themselves.“He didn’t hesitate,” said Marcellus, 49. “He said, ‘My name is Clifford Brandt.’” via

Photo: Le Nouvelliste

Photo: Le Nouvelliste


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