Fed on food aid: does emergency nutrition cripple local economies? | Guardian Professional

Providing emergency nutrition in a way that undermines the capacity of local economies to respond to food insecurity and malnutrition themselves seems a clear violation of the ‘do-no-harm’ principle.Marie Konate is CEO of Protein-Kissee La, an Ivorian company producing fortified complementary food for the local market. She says NGOs in the west-African country have long prefered to buy products from rich multinationals rather than source locally.Malnutrition is responsible for 54% of deaths and over a third of ailments among children under five in Ivory Coast, according to the National Nutrition programme, but Konate says she cannot possibly compete with a global brand supplying to aid agencies.She recalls how when she started the business in 1994, she spent 10 years going from NGO to NGO offering her products. During that period, she explained that it would be more beneficial for the country to buy locally, but felt her message fell on deaf ears. via | Guardian Professional


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