Authorities: Haitian fugitive Clifford Brandt captured along Haiti-DR border —

12501_10204563382143205_7855119583056535030_n Brandt was found near the Haitian border town of Cornillon/Grand Bois, crossing the frontier into the Dominican Republic.Local Haitian radio journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles of ScoopFM said Brandt was captured with three others by the Dominican Army. He was later handed over to the Haitian National Police and flown by helicopter to Port-au-Prince. Police had not released details of Brandt’s capture late Tuesday.On Sunday, Haitian officials launched a nationwide search for Brandt and 328 other inmates who had escaped from a $6 million prison on the outskirts of Haiti’s capital. It was the biggest jailbreak in Haiti since a devastating earthquake shattered the National Penitentiary, sending more than 4,500 prisoners into the streets nearly five years ago.Authorities said the raid was a well-planned attack from within the prison aimed at freeing Brandt, the son of a well-heeled businessman who confessed to his role in the October 2012 abduction of the adult son and daughter of a business rival. via –


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