Rebuilding plans for Haiti capital are ambitious, but the poor being displaced by bulldozers | Fox News

f9aa5d0476b98e1c5a0f6a706700da90 Haiti Rebuilding the Capital-2 Haiti Rebuilding the Capital-3 The broad avenues in the Haitian government’s promotional material are clean and unbroken, dotted with palm trees, parks and manicured expanses of grass. The new ministry buildings are sleek and modern but retain some of the neo-classical architecture of the former structures lost to natural disaster.This is the grand, dreamlike vision of central Port-au-Prince that President Michel Martelly says will replace what was toppled when a 7.0-magnitude earthquake left much of Haiti’s capital in ruins on Jan. 12, 2010. Sketched plans look more like a wealthy Miami suburb than the gritty downtown of old that housed both state institutions and shabby tenements.”These plans will take a long time to finish, perhaps another 10 years,” says Harry Adam, executive director of the government agency that is responsible for the construction of public buildings and housing. “But I think it’s realistic. We can do it.” via | Fox NewsAPTOPIX Haiti Rebuilding the Capital-1 Haiti Rebuilding the Capital-4.

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  1. Nou vlé fè omlèt cen kasé zé. si yo kite omelèse yo koté yo yé a nap di gouvenman pap fè travaye li. nou pa konin ki ça nou vlé… Selman onvè bouche nou poun voyé tintin.


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