‘Healing Power of Haitian Art’ on display at Ochsner |

15419820-large There are many connections between Haiti and New Orleans including food, art and culture. “Both places are also prone to environmental risks including hurricanes,” said Laborde.Going to Haiti was a natural reaction for Laborde. Although he completed his medical studies and training in the United States and practices medicine here in New Orleans, Laborde still has strong ties with his native country. He credits his accomplishments to his upbringing in Haiti, and still has family living there. Laborde felt a strong urgency to help in Haiti, not only because it’s his native country and his family resides there, but also because the need was so great after the earthquake. This need, according to Laborde, is still ongoing.Through funds raised for the Ochsner Haitian Relief Fund, Laborde, along with other medical personnel, has been able to establish an ongoing healthcare relationship between Ochsner and the town of Maya La Victoire in the Northern Department of Haiti. In addition to providing medical resources to Maya La Victoire, the Ochsner Haitian Relief Fund has also been instrumental in constructing a health clinic with in a school; has installed a water well that provides clean water for the clinic and school; has provided books, uniforms, supplies and lunch for 210 students; and has provided teacher salaries.  Additionally, adult community health, education and farming programs established are helping residents re-build their community. via |


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