Haiti Needs Lasting Solutions For The Displaced and Vulnerable |SpyGhana.com

Four years after the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti, it is time to move from a largely humanitarian approach to a development based drive, a United Nations human rights expert said today, while calling for durable solutions for the internally displaced and the vulnerable segments of the population of the island nation.“It is high time to focus on a development approach for the achievement of durable solutions for the displaced,” said the Chaloka Beyani, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons IDPs at the end of his first mission to Haiti.“Durable solutions are reached only when the needs related to displacement no longer exist, which is medium to long term complex development led process for all IDPs and not just those living in camps or sites,” he said in a press release detailing his recently completed week-long visit, which included visits to IDP camps and sites as well as the Canaan neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince.Stressing that closing IDP camps by itself does not mean that durable solutions for them have been found, Mr. Beyani stressed that although the number of those displaced has decreased from 1.5 million after the earthquake to the rough official number of 100,000 today, “much more needs to be done.” via |SpyGhana.com


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