Prensa Latina News Agency – Minustah Must Go, says Haitian Intellectual

Demonstrators holding placards surround a UN vehicle during a prUN Mission of Stabilization Forces in Haiti Minustah must go sooner or later, but before that, the police should be reinforced so it can guarantee order, said today Haitian historian Suzy Castor.In an interview published by Pagina 12 daily, the Haitian intellectual analyzed the situation in her country since the blockade imposed on it after the independence, the U.S. intervention, the Duvalier regime and the present mentoring of Minustah.In the interview, this member of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences Clacso who lived in exile in Mexico for 26 years, recalled that Haiti declared its independence in 1804, in very singular conditions compared to the rest of Latin America.That declaration was a real revolution and assured that foreign powers always punish peoples that go through ways opposite to the plans they draw. via Prensa Latina News Agency14-09-2011minustah.

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