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L’OEA et le Canada saluent la loi sur la nationalité – Le Nouvelliste

Le Nouvelliste.

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  1. I know that my response is awaiting ” moderation”.
    To tell you the truth, I do not expect you to publish it. You will most certainly ” sensor ” it because it does not share your opinion. Why did you publish this text anyway? When will you use your best judgment not to publish news that are mostly affecting the country? You have the right to be against any government but you should also use your best judgment in publishing news that not only are affecting the rating of those you are fighting against but that are also detrimental to Haiti.
    Government comes and goes but the Nation remains…
    So, please be more discriminating in the news you publish.
    Respectfully yours.


  2. How could we ever expect that the OEA and Canada could ever be on our side in this case in spite of the fact that the Dominican decision violates all the laws in the book.? We still haven’t learn our lesson. Look at the picture of those two men… how can we ever expect them and their kind to stand by us?
    Remember 1935… Who stood by Haiti and the 35000 massacred by Trujillo ? We always forget and that is why we always start all over again because we are expert in devouring each other instead of looking for our common interest.
    As they say:” It happen once, shame on them, it happen twice, shame on us ” . In 210 years we have learned what is best for us and where lies our best interest yet we always manage to look surprised when they spit in our face…


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