Op-Ed: Restoring Haiti’s Environment – Caribbean Journal

Today, this old Haiti with which most of us are still infatuated, or at least, its antique reputation that we strive to hold so pridefully, would now fit perfectly into the #ThrowbackThursday section of today’s social media feeds.Sadly, this #TBT Haiti is no longer, and we must do what it takes to bring it back. Environmental sustainability should be the starting point.In development economics, natural disasters are defined as the intersection of natural hazards and social systems.Haiti, like most developing countries, is disproportionately affected by natural disasters. In 2004, hurricane Jeanne ravaged the nation and left 3000 people dead.On the Jan. 12th, 2010 earthquake, I experienced firsthand the ravaging impacts of shoddy infrastructure and the hazard of tectonic plate shifts.Each year during the rainy season, Haiti experiences numerous floods that destroy crops and negatively impact household income. There are valuable lessons to be learned from these disasters. via Caribbean Journal


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