Haiti Isn’t Asking for Handouts; It’s Dancing to ‘Sounds of Solidarity’ | Melissa Jun Rowley

Music. Vibrations. Dance. For some, these art forms transport the heart and mind emotionally faster than anything else. For Haiti, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, music and the energy and community cultivated with it are restoring hope, entrepreneurship, and sparking an uplifting movement — an EDM electric dance music movement to be exact. The electronic music scene began budding in Haiti in 2008, but it took on a life of its own after the catastrophic earthquake of 2010 devastated the nation and saw an estimated death toll of 316,000.With only a week to film all of the footage, documentarian Yasemin Denari Southworth and her film crew captured the essence of the burgeoning DJ community and nightlife in the Haitian capital, Port-Au-Prince, in the documentary Sounds of Solidarity: Haiti’s Dance Music Movement, produced for Thump, the electronic music and culture channel from Vice. via Sounds of Solidarity


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