Setting the Record Straight on Haiti’s Recovery | Patrick Rouzier

I read with great disappointment a Wall Street Journal op-ed about Haiti’s recovery efforts (“Bill, Hillary and the Haiti Debacle,” May 19). Unfortunately, the piece gets many key facts about the approval of recovery projects wrong, and ignores the work that has helped improve the lives of thousands of people across Haiti.

President Clinton and Jean Max Bellerive, the then Haitian Prime Minister, co-chaired the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), which approved projects for consideration that aligned with the Government of Haiti’s action plan for recovery. The projects then went to the Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF), which was responsible for disbursement of project funds. The HRF, which was chaired by Haiti’s Minister of Finance and administered by the World Bank, made the decisions on how to fund projects, along with partner entities. One of the three partners — the World Bank, United Nations, and Inter-American Development Bank — partnered with each approved project.

The IHRC did not enter into contracts with recovery projects, and it did not disburse money collected by the international community to these projects. Funding decisions were made by the HRF, and did so in a fully transparent manner that included a public audit of the decision-making process. via | Patrick Rouzier.

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