Haiti must not be ungrateful – Letters to the Editor – JamaicaObserver.com

Demonstrators holding placards surround a UN vehicle during a prWhile it is very unfortunate that the United Nations (UN) has been linked to the outbreak of cholera that has been afflicting Haiti since the earthquake a few years ago, I think that the efforts currently underway in Haiti to sue the UN for the outbreak are misplaced.

When the cholera outbreak started soon after the Nepalese contingent of the UN forces arrived to assist Haiti with the earthquake, the UN rejected claims that it was responsible. One can understand why, initially, the UN found it hard to believe that it was the cause of the outbreak.

If the cholera outbreak is indeed linked to the Nepalese troops, then that would be more of an indication of the poor infrastructure that existed in Haiti than anything else. It certainly could not be said that the UN or the West deliberately started the outbreak as part of some grand plan. via – JamaicaObserver.com


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