International Community Warns of Another Political Crisis in Haiti Over Elections – Atlanta Black Star

Indicating increasing frustration with an ongoing political stalemate in Haiti, the international community warned Tuesday that the country could be headed for another political crisis with unpredictable consequences.

The tough stance from the United Nations and others comes after the U.S. informed the poverty-stricken nation last week that it could lose up to $301 million in aid if it doesn’t show that steps are being taken to hold free and fair elections.

But late Tuesday, the stalemate between Haiti’s Senate and President Michel Martelly appeared no closer to being resolved. Martelly, responding to a request by the Senate to redo the provisional electoral council charged with supervising the balloting, said no deal.

Instead, Martelly called on Senate President Simon Desras to use his “savoir faire” to move the process along. via – Atlanta Black Star


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