Haiti marchers demand president’s ouster » Workers World

The day before, there were protests in front of the U.N.’s headquarters, and the day after, peasants on the Haitian island of Ile à Vache protested the government seizing their land for tourism.

Martelly admitted the first week of April that the Haitian state had run out of money. While his ministers claimed that it was spent creating jobs and providing food and shelter for the homeless, people in the streets told progressive journalists that they had not seen any signs of such programs. They suspect that most of the money went into politicians’ pockets. (Haïti-Liberté, April 16-22)

Thousands of Haitians leave the country every month, risking their lives at sea for the hope of a better future.

Cholera, introduced to Haiti by Minustah, is still raging. More than 8,500 Haitians have died from it and over 690,000 have been sickened. This is not just a human tragedy; it is also a huge economic drain. Haiti has more cases of cholera than all of Africa, which has 100 times more people. via  Workers World


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