Victims sue UN for the 9,000+ Haiti cholera deaths – DominicanToday.com

With clear evidence that the United Nations is responsible for the massive Haitian cholera contagion affecting many nations and injuring and killing citizens across the Western Hemisphere, 1,500 Haitian plaintiffs – including several New Yorkers and U.S. citizens who lost family members to the disease – sued the United Nations today in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. The lawsuit seeks to force the UN to take responsibility, compensate victims, and bring critical sanitation to the devastated Haitian communities the UN was sworn to protect.

Included with court documents filed today is evidence that clearly shows that the UN expressly waived its sovereign immunity – including in its 2004 agreement concerning the status of forces in Haiti, as well as another document that reveals the UN General Assembly specifically “assumed its liability for damage caused by members of its forces in the performance of their duties.”

This express waiver of immunity by the United Nations was missed by the United States government in a letter it filed with the court on Friday in a separate lawsuit by the nonprofit Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) over the cholera outbreak, which has now killed approximately 9,000 and sickened 700,000 and counting in Haiti. The contagion has since spread to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States, with at least three cases of cholera confirmed in New York City since 2010, and a sustained outbreak in Mexico. via – DominicanToday.com


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