Haiti’s Android tablet maker Surtab to crank up production | Global development |

“They show that Haiti can do hi-tech manufacturing and assembly,” says Maarten Boute, Surtab’s Belgian CEO and co-founder. “Everyone knows Haiti, but for the wrong reasons. Now, Surtab associates the Haiti brand with something cool.”

At $100 (£60) plus local taxes for the cheapest model and $285 for the high-definition Surtab 7, the Haitian tablet is an oddity in a country better known for hunger, extreme poverty and near-mediaeval healthcare.

The Danish philanthropist JP Bak came with the idea as a jobs-creation scheme while he was working in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, Boute says, but the trigger was the much-hyped low-cost Aakash tablet manufactured in India. “We thought, why can’t we do the same here? Using components bought in Asia, just like Apple and other companies?” via |


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