This isn’t the time to cut Canadian aid to Haiti: Editorial | Toronto Star

Yet, for all that, Haiti remains “extremely vulnerable,” the United Nations cautions. The country has barely begun what will be a long rebuilding process, and foreign aid is drying up before it has had a chance to build back better and sturdier. As the Star’s Catherine Porter reports, Lovely Avelus, the child who miraculously survived and who stole more than a few hearts in Toronto, is still hungry. Like so many of Haiti’s 10 million people, her family is struggling.Of the more than $10 billion donors promised for relief and recovery, Haitians have seen perhaps 60 per cent, according to UN statistics. And much of that was spent on emergency relief, not on long-term development. Only a fraction, less than 2 per cent by some estimates, was channelled through the Haitian government and other local hands because central institutions were shattered, and deemed corrupt and wasteful. Now aid groups are pulling out. via | Toronto Star.

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