Four Years After Earthquake, Many In Haiti Remain Displaced : NPR

\”It\’s the worst place to be in Haiti,\” says Gregoire Goodstein, mission chief for the International Organization for Migration. \”We\’re talking about the higher hanging fruit; people who are unable to get out of the tent camp system because they really don\’t have any other solutions for themselves.\”

Goodstein says it\’s possible the final resettlements could wrap up next year, but that depends on major factors, like hurricane season. Haiti is also planning parliamentary elections, and there\’s fear electoral violence could overtake the city, slowing down all government functions.

The government says there\’s one major obstacle to resettling the final 150,000 people: money.

\”It will take $800 per person to get them out of the camps,\” says Harry Adam, who heads the Haitian government agency that\’s spearheading the reconstruction. \”It\’s quite a big amount of money.\” via: NPR


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