The Enemy Within – Are Haiti’s Ngos Poverty Pimps?

Haiti has over ten thousand NGOs, with fewer than four hundred registered with the Haitian Government. That is one NGO for every one thousand Haitians.  Few people, including Pierre Richard Casimir, the Minister of Foreign Affairs know what these NGOs do in Haiti.  Supporters argue that they provide necessary humanitarian services that the Haitian government is unable to provide.  As the government’s inability to deliver services continues, the need for NGOs increases. This is a catch-22 considering that NGOs are often subverting and working against the interest of Haiti and its government.  In fact, many of the NGOS have the wherewithal to influence policy makers in Washington, DC, and with it, NGOs often advocate for and support policies that are against the interest of Haiti.

 Subsequent to the earthquake, NGOs descended to Haiti, rushing as if there was a Haitian gold rush.   The Red Cross and others raised billions of dollars from donors around the world. Four years later, neither the Red Cross nor any of the other NGOs have provided noticeable services to victims of the earthquake; or released detailed information regarding monetary spends.  NGOs such as Medecin Sans Frontiers, Partners in Health have provided minimal services to the community, but with the amount of money raised, the assistance should have been more pronounced and comprehensive. via Tout Haiti



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