PETIONVILLE, Haiti: Haiti’s luxury brand hotel is a showcase for Haitian art – Business –

QGT8A.St.56“I want people to see that Haitian art can be extremely modern,” said Théard, 38, the creative eye behind the locally inspired touches that have transformed the upscale hotel from ordinary to contemporary, Avant-garde Haitian.

The 106-room property that opened earlier this year in tony Petionville on the hills above the capital features 622 works of art from more than 100 artists and artisans from around the country.

In the $159- to $189-a-night guest rooms, the spirit of rural Haiti comes alive with woven dividers from Jacmel and traditional chairs, made from bamboos grown in Marmalade in northern Haiti, accenting the interior.

On the walls: picturesque scenes of peasant life, created by hand from cut out banana leaves.

In the lobby, neutral hues are given a splash of color to complement the imported furnishings, handcrafted wood pieces and recycled rubber. Pillows were created from clothing scraps, a statue was honed from recycled aluminum and steel, and a hand-embroidered tapestry greets visitors at the door. Inspired by Haiti’s Vodou flag tradition, the tapestry was re-envisioned by Théard and transformed into a work of art by artists in the Bel-Air slum. via –



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