Suddenly, Illegal at Home – NYTimes.com

In effect, it also means that three generations of one family could be deported. Since the Sept. 23 ruling, deportations have begun: The Associated Press reported that over 300 people have been deported thus far, despite the Dominican government’s assurance that there would be no large-scale removals. The deportations intensified following the killing of an elderly Dominican couple, allegedly by a Haitian man. At the end of November, the Dominican government announced it would set up a “special naturalization process” for the children of undocumented people, but left unclear what the conditions for eligibility might be.

There are some indications that the ruling could have been payback for Haiti’s decision to favor commercial exports from Brazil over those from the Dominican Republic. Others believe that it’s simply a way for the government to distract the public from pressing domestic problems like taxes, unemployment and austerity measures. via – NYTimes.com



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