Haiti seeks to repay Venezuela oil debt with food

e69efa0c-3fee-4f8d-9c87-bda6ad583fb4Haiti has begun servicing its oil debt with Venezuela which now stands at $1.2bn, and is exploring ways to make payments in kind with agricultural products rather than cash, a senior Haitian official said.

The ministry of finance official was responding to a World Bank envoy who expressed concern over a lack of transparency in Haiti’s handling of public funds generated by cut-rate Venezuelan petroleum imports.

Mary Barton-Dock, the World Bank’s special envoy to Haiti, told a press luncheon in the capital that a lack of transparency was the biggest obstacle to the country’s economic development, citing Venezuela’s Petrocaribe programme, which allows beneficiaries to buy fuel from the South American oil exporter at favourable rates and easy payment plans. via Haiti seeks to repay Venezuela oil debt with food.


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  1. In the meantime Haiti continue to import food from Dominican Republic to feed it’s population. What kind of kakamimi decision is that?


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