Xenophobia and racism back in the Dominican Republic – Al Jazeera English

According to the Dominican Republic (DR) constitution, anyone born in the county is jus solis a Dominican citizen. This right, however, does not apply to those being born while in transit. As it happens, the interpretation of what in transit means, has been at the centre of the recent draconian measures taken by a Dominican court to strip four generations of Dominicans of Haitian descent, of their citizenship.

This is no small matter. We are talking about at least 250,000 Dominican citizens who were born and lived their entire lives in the DR. Many of them are children, and grandchildren of people born and raised in the DR. Many of them only speak Spanish, and with a Dominican accent. Yet, they, somehow, are considered to be foreigners because they have been born in transit.

Now let\’s try to unravel this gargantuan act of human absurdity. According to last month\’s ruling by the Dominican Republic\’s Constitutional Court, all those born in the country after 1929, and whose parents were not Dominicans, should no longer be considered Dominican citizens.

This decision not only obviously overrules their own Constitution, but also goes against a previous ruling by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights in the Yean and Bosico v. the Dominican Republic case, which, in October 2005, concluded that their ruling was reached in \”a discriminatory fashion\”. via – Al Jazeera English



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