Haïti : l’Opposition entend mobiliser 1 million de personnes

1460083_10153461988040109_546512534_nLe Mouvement Patriotique de l’Opposition Démocratique(MOPOD) accuse l’administration Martelly – Lamothe d’avoir armé ses partisans pour affronter les manifestations anti-gouvernementales organisées à Port-au-Prince et au Cap-Haitien, le 18 novembre 2013.

MOPOD s’en prend aussi à une partie de la Police Nationale d’Haïti qui, dit-il, est de mèche avec les groupes qui affrontaient les opposants au pouvoir central.

Turneb Delpé condamne l’utilisation d’armes de guerre et de grenades lacrymogènes pour disperser la foule. Plus de 50 personnes sont arrêtées après 6 heures du soir, regrette le leader du PNDPH, qui déplore 6 blessés au Cap-Haitien. via  l’Opposition



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  1. These people are destabilizing their own country, hence they will starve as they continue to prove to the world how unstable they are. Foreign investments will stay away. investment from the diaspora will fear going back. The Haitian elite will run the monopoly. The main population will beg for safe shelter, food and clean water. Haitians don;t understand how the world works, so they are easily manipulated. If they remove Martelly they will face sanctions that will deepen their problems. They are fools. The parliament that pushes this is evil and unpatriotic. They know the consequences that the people will face but they don’t care. They live in mansions and the people are homeless in the streets. However, the people have been brain-washed to be more partisan than patriotic. They have been so deprived that they now deprive themselves and most importantly their children.


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