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St Vincent and the Grenadines prepares to confront dark history of slavery in court | World news | The Observer

\”It is the defining matter of our age,\” says the prime minister, Ralph Gonsalves, as he peers out towards the Atlantic from the veranda of his family\’s secluded villa, in the grounds of an old plantation, on the main island, St Vincent.

The outspoken 67-year-old, who often refers to himself as \”Comrade Ralph\”, has been in office for almost 13 years. He says his attempt to seek not only an apology but money from those European powers that built fortunes through the trafficking of slaves across the ocean in front of him is his moral duty. And it is one he pledges to devote his energies to as he prepares to assume the leadership of Caricom, the organisation that unites the key Caribbean states.

\”We believe we have the facts on our side. We believe we have the law on our side,\” he tells the Observer. \”International law is there to resolve disputes between strong states and weaker ones.\” via | The Observer



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