Long Road Home: A Story of Adoption from Haiti | Nightline Fix – Yahoo News

ABC News “Nightline” correspondent Cynthia McFadden traveled here looking for two little girls, sisters who have lived in limbo for 3 years. Adopted by an American woman but unable to leave Haiti.

Suddenly they appear: Ericka, 5, and Rickza, 9.

For the past year, Ruth Kerr of Seattle says she has been Rickza\’s and Ericka\’s legal mother. Their adoption completed. But still they are growing up, with nothing and no one to call their own.

Kerr runs a successful consulting business from home. Nearly 4 years ago, the images of the Haitian earthquake so seared her heart that she jumped on a plane to help. She spent her days washing the feet of the weary, fitting shoes for people who had none. It was a journey that would change three lives.

“I looked outside the bus window and locked eyes with Rickza, we just locked, and it was like electricity that came through my body and I jumped up out of my sleep and exclaimed I found my little girl,” said Kerr. via | Nightline Fix



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