Uruguay to Pull Peacekeepers from Haiti: President | NTN24

\”They were supposed to have called elections to the Senate a while ago. We see it going very slowly, we see nothing happening,\” he said on the “Telenoche de Uruguay” news program.

\”One thing is to try to help the Haitian people build a police force that is in charge of security. That\’s fine.

\”Another thing is being there indefinitely with a regime that we think is at least dubious in terms of a continuity of democratic renewal,\” he said.

Asked if he would withdraw the 850-strong Uruguayan contingent in the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti, Mujica said, \”Yes, I think so.\” Mujica did not offer a timetable for a withdrawal but said it would be gradual and co-ordinated with Brazil, which leads the UN force. via | NTN24



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