The UN owes Haiti  – NY Daily News

The United Nations’ callous and chronic refusal to own up to its responsibility for inadvertently importing a cholera epidemic to one of the world’s most impoverished nations may finally come back to bite it.

In federal court in New York last week, human rights lawyers filed a class-action suit against the UN for damage done. We wish them and their suffering clients swift success.

The disease’s introduction to the Haitian half of Hispaniola began with the best intentions.

After an awful earthquake rocked the nation in January 2010, relief workers and peacekeepers descended. Those included much-needed UN staffers whose last stop had been Nepal.

Nepal is a place where cholera infections had recently surged; Haiti is a place with no reported cases for a century.

The staffers were stationed near a tributary of a river — and they discharged sewage into that river. With almost absolute certainty, this is what introduced the deadly bacteria into the waters of Haiti, and the bodies of the Haitian people. via – NY Daily News



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