Prime Minister of Haiti is fully vindicated in the dismissal of a lawsuit against online paper. – Yahoo Finance

lamothe1The owner of the Haiti Observateur Group and Leo Joseph, its owner, agreed to the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against them by Laurent Lamothe, the Prime Minister of Haiti, and Patrice Baker, his former business partner.  Lamothe and Baker sued the online paper in 2012 following an article that accused them of using the Haitian government to pressure Haitel, a bankrupt telecommunications company, to sell its assets at below market value to Nord Citadel, an investment company seeking investments in Haiti.

In exchange for the dismissal and under the penalty of perjury, the online paper agreed to publish in its entirety a sworn declaration by Michael Charles, the founder and managing partner of Nord Citadel.  The declaration confirmed that the allegations against Mr. Lamothe and Mr. Baker were completely fabricated.  In telling passages of the declaration, Charles refutes the Observateur\’s claims that the Prime Minister was involved in promoting the sale.  \”Neither I, nor Nord Citadel was ever pressured in any way by Mr. Lamothe,… or anyone else associated with the Haitian government.\”

The sworn declaration also shows that Mr. Joseph misrepresented the sources he used for writing the article.  He claimed that he had interviewed Mr. Charles, citing him as the principal source for his allegations against the Prime Minister.  According to Charles they held a brief phone call where only time and place of a possible interview were discussed.  The interview never materialized. via – Yahoo Financelaurent lamotheo.


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