Barcelona defeat Real Madrid in the Clasico by Graham Hunter – ESPN FC

As he heads back to Madrid, having lost his first Clasico as Real Madrid manager, 2-1 to Barcelona, back to the drawing board, he can legitimately start to wonder why he can’t remember smashing that mirror, walking under that ladder or a black cat crossing his path muttering evilly about all cats having Catalan sympathies.

Don’t get me wrong. This first meaningful Barcelona win in a Clasico since January 2012 — when a 3-1 victory at the Bernabeu saw them through in the Copa Del Rey, which they’d go on and win to make Pep Guardiola’s final trophy — had some stars wearing the home side’s colours. Andres Iniesta was super, Lionel Messi had moments and Xavi was regal, while the supporting cast mostly hit their marks.

And Neymar will legitimately claim man of the match honours. A scruffy goal in he 19th minute was his reward for invention and confidence, while a goal-assist pass for one of the most remarkable moments in recent Clasicos means he emulates Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. via – ESPN FC



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