UN at fault for cholera outbreak in Haiti – The Oracle: University of South Florida

Rather than taking necessary safety measures to keep hundreds of thousands of people healthy, the United Nations (UN) has carelessly allowed them to become infected with a newly spread disease.

Human rights lawyers who filed a suit are correct in their aim to hold the UN responsible.

In the aftermath of the horrific earthquake that took place early 2010 in Haiti, cholera wildly spread among Haitians, infecting more than 650,000 people and killing more than 8,000, according to UN statistics.

After the massive earthquake shattered Haiti, the UN sent a peacekeeping force from Nepal. These members of the

peacekeeping force were infected with cholera before traveling to Haiti, and thus the lawyers claim these UN officials are the catalyst of the outbreak in Haiti.

The incident could have happened to any country and the UN should be held responsible for carelessly and recklessly sending foreigners into another country without taking proper cautionary measures to prevent such a lethal disease from spreading.

In response to the lawsuit, the UN failed to take any direct responsibility and held back in discussing any reactions they would take, though it did promise to help and provide medical assistance to those who have been affected.

It is disappointing to hear the UN’s lack of acknowledgement of their role in spreading this, especially when all evidence points straight to the UN.  via: University of South Florida



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