No conscience left for Haiti? — JamaicaObserver.com

Haiti-Dom-RepThe New York lawsuit alleges that UN peacekeepers introduced cholera to Haiti in 2010. The lawyers are demanding compensation of US$100,000 for every person who died and US$50,000 for each of those who became ill, according to media reports.

The lawyers said they were left with no other option after the UN had rejected previous claims for compensation.

The UN relies on a 1947 convention which grants the UN immunity for its actions. As such, a spokesman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, responding to media queries back in February, said the petition for compensation was \”not receivable\”.

There is little or no dispute about the facts surrounding the case: Investigations have pointed strongly to leaking sewage at a camp for UN soldiers from Nepal, where cholera is endemic, as the origin of the outbreak in Haiti. via – JamaicaObserver.com



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  1. I am all for compensating the victims as long as they personally get the money and the money does not ended up in the hands of the corrupted criminals and thus victimizing these poor people again..


      • Sure …we saw what happened to all the funds to build houses etc….nothing these poor people deserve better…and unfortunately Haitians are surrounded by corrupted and greedy individuals who don’t give (pardon the expression ) a rat’s ass about their well being


      • You’re absolutely right; how they managed the reconstruction fund is despicable. Moving forward however, I don’t see how a few thousand dollars will improve the people’s lives. I would support an independent body that would be contracted to build viable infrastructure in water sanitation. Cholera does not spread in countries with such systems, not even n Cuba. Thank you for your continuing support.


      • I beg to differ; you’re helping now by engaging in this conversation, even when this blog is audience specific. It’s not as hopeless either; It is time that the nationals take their destiny in their own hands and, rather than looking outward for answers, look inward for solutions.


      • Yes, they do…. However, I refuse to believe that the people cannot self-govern into prosperity. They have to take charge for their future no matter what the obstacles.
        I’m glad you find the topic so engaging.


      • I do because I come from poverty background and I should never forget my roots . My heart truly aches for these people and it infuriates me that all the money that we donate keeps going to some criminal’s pockets


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