OPINION: Haiti and the culture of poverty – Financial and Business News – MENAFN

It may seem odd that my op-ed last week dealing with the issue of the wealth of Haiti is followed this week by one about the culture of poverty in that island nation. Indeed the culture of poverty, along with the lack of a culture of appurtenance is the major stumbling block towards Haiti\’s recovery and incremental progress towards wealth creation for all and by all.

Those stumbling blocks are not germane to Haiti. We find them in most of the former French colonized countries as well as in France. The young men and women graduated from the best schools of France prefer to live in and work from London or Zurich than in Paris where the culture of wealth creation and wealth accumulation is more prominent and more appealing under the Big Ben than under the Eiffel Tower.

Those stumbling blocks we find also in most Catholic countries where the glorification of poverty on earth is the prayer and the ticket for the assurance of beatitude in heaven. We find them last but not least in the Caribbean that has absorbed the slave mentality of discrimination and rejection that stopped the people of the Caribbean from becoming as rich as those of the Mediterranean in spite of its proximity with and its access to the largest market in the world, the United States. via – Financial and Business News – MENAFN


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