Why American Courts Can’t Cure Haiti’s Cholera Tragedy – Businessweek

Among Haiti’s biblical-scale woes is a cholera outbreak that began in October 2010. The disease has killed thousands. Haiti’s government, led by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, blames the United Nations. Specifically, Haiti alleges that Nepalese U.N. peacekeepers introduced the deadly disease by means of sewage contamination from their barracks at the country’s center. The New York Times last year had an impressive interactive graphic on the apparent origins of the misery.

Now a human rights group in Boston called the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti has proposed a distinctively American solution: sue the bastards. “We are asking the judge to find the United Nations liable,” a spokeswoman for the Institute told the Times. “It has violated its legal obligations through reckless actions that brought cholera to Haiti.” The suit seeks unspecified money damages for five named victims and all afflicted Haitians. via – Businessweek



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