Comment of the week: on the Dominican Republic and Haiti | Bella Mackie | Comment is free | theguardian.com

\”The cost of labour is very cheap in the DR and a large reason for this is that there is Haitian labour available very cheaply. The beautiful apartment I live in was built by Haitian labourers who received, I believe, less than $5 per day when they were working on the project.

\”I am Anglo-American and my wife is Haitian. We have a daughter of five whose biological father was Haitian (died in earthquake in 2010), but whose registered father is a Dominican of Haitian descent. She has a Dominican passport, though whether she will now lose it, I don\’t know. I don\’t think the DR government is efficient enough to investigate everyone of Haitian descent to revoke their citizenship, carry out DNA testing, etc.

Our younger daughter was born in the DR and thus became a stateless person at birth. I was able to get a UK birth certificate for her and perhaps one day she will come to the UK. Thus I have a family in which four different nationalities are represented: Myself British and US, my wife Haitian, my daughter British, and my stepdaughter Dominican.\” via  | theguardian.com



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