Activists Sue U.N. Over Cholera That Killed Thousands In Haiti : Shots – Health News : NPR

Human rights activists are suing the United Nations on behalf of five Haitian families afflicted by cholera — a disease many believe U.N. peacekeeping troops brought to Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake there.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in a New York federal court, challenges the U.N.\’s claim that it\’s immune from lawsuits arising out of damage done in the course of its activities. The activists say they have no choice but to sue because the U.N. has failed to activate a process that is supposed to deal with such claims. The suit doesn\’t specify the amount of compensation the plaintiffs seek.

\”Most legal observers are pretty confident that the U.N.\’s absolute immunity is endangered,\” Brian Concannon, one of the plaintiffs\’ attorneys, said in an interview with Shots earlier this year. \”It certainly has not happened yet, but many people say if there\’s a case that would do it, it\’s this one because the liability is so clear and the harm is so great.\” via: NPR



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