Did Baby Doc Duvalier get away with murder? |

Angry reactions poured in from around the world, with human rights groups demanding that the Haitian government charge Duvalier with crimes against humanity — including the kidnapping, torture and murder of thousands of his opponents — and with stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the nation, the poorest in the hemisphere.

On the streets, there were signs that Duvalier’s arrival had started a new cycle of polarisation that has crippled the country for decades, his red-and-black stripe supporters fighting in the streets with his opponents. Some decried Duvalier as a vestige of one of the darkest chapters in the country’s history, while others waxed nostalgic about him as the only hope for change in Haiti.

Haitian prosecutors charged Duvalier with corruption and embezzlement, and he was taken into police custody. He was released hours later, but was ordered to remain in Haiti while a judge considered whether there was sufficient evidence to send Duvalier to trial.

He has faced threats of prosecution in the past for the many human rights abuses committed during his rule, and for the hundreds of millions of dollars government officials have said he looted from the country.

Duvalier’s risky return home from France may have been driven by another motivation: money. via  |


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