Haiti: international aid is necessary to (re)build differently | The World Outline

The main actor working locally now is the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), where Brazil has a leadership status. Besides the much-needed humanitarian aid, the mission has also been a key partner in rebuilding the infrastructure and systems necessary for governmental functionality, as well as providing aid in areas such as food security and health.

To deal with the security problems, Brazil announced the export of the pacifying police model to be applied to Haitian ghettos. This cooperation agreement was signed a few months ago and military personnel from Rio de Janeiro will travel to Haiti until the end of the year to implement the Pacifying Units. However, Brazilian authorities warn that the type of violence varies between the two countries; in Rio de Janeiro the phenomenon is connected to drug dealing and trafficking, whereas in Haiti it is associated to the lack of social policies.

Besides political problems, Haiti still needs to overcome social problems, such as homophobia, where street attacks to homosexuals are a common scenario. The UN is urging more international aid, with an appeal to raise USD 100 million to help 2 million in risk of malnourishment, communicable diseases and natural disasters, as hurricane season approaches.

After more than 3 years after the earthquake, thousands of people still live in tends, thus deteriorating the already bad health conditions of these citizens. Malnourishment and Cholera outbreaks are common, and the international aid has yet to reach thousands of neglected Haitians. via | The World Outline



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