Edison High offers dual-language program in English, Creole – Schools – MiamiHerald.com

barry_print 22264___SelectedIt began as a pilot program last school year. About 55 ninth-graders were selected to take about 40 percent of their classes with Edison’s Creole-speaking teachers to see if the students’ test scores went up.

“It was phenomenal,” Principal Trynegwa Diggs said.

The program was based on Ortiz’s experience at Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School in Southwest Miami-Dade, where he worked with Spanish-speaking students. Ortiz was brought into Edison to turn it around when the long-struggling high school fended off a threat of closure from the state.

He left last year as the school district’s top principal and is now an assistant superintendent in the Miami-Dade school district.

Unlike foreign-language programs in other schools, where students fluent in English learn Mandarin Chinese or Portuguese to pick up a second language, Edison’s Creole experiment grew out of necessity. It is directed at selected students who might fall behind if they take classes only in English — but who may thrive if they’re given the chance to express what they know in their native language. via – MiamiHerald.com



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